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Profuze Vitamin Water Green Apple (Pack of 6)
Profuze Vitamin Water - Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Calcium, Magnesium, Protein & Fiber, NO SUGAR, NO CHOLESTEROL, (Green Apple Flavour)
Key Benefits
  • NEW & UNIQUE- India's first Vitamin Water that has got your daily need of vitamins covered. A refreshing drink to boost your energy, supports the nervous system, strong bones, provides satiety, a healthy gut with No added sugar & Zero cholesterol. Get your vitamin back-up before beginning your beautiful day.
  • GOODNESS OF VITAMIN -Profuze Vitamin Water a great source of vitamin B6, vitamin bB12, vitamin C & vitamin D. Experience the new dimension of refreshing Vitamin Water.
  • ESSENTIAL MINERALS - Vitamin water is enriched with Calcium and Magnesium helping in muscle contraction, helping in normal nerve function and maintaining blood glucose level.
  • HEALTHY NUTRITIONAL DRINK- Vitamin water is a functional drink which provides an adequate amount of nutrition to the body. Profuze Vitamin water is loaded with essential vitamins & minerals, Protein and Fiber which are required for normal body function.
  • TASTY FLAVOURS- The delicious taste of GREEN APPLE.

Health Benefits

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Product Information
MRP Rs. 450 (inclusive of All taxes)
Net Quantity 250ml* 6
Marketed By Voll Sante
Expiry Date 9 Months
Country of Origin India
License Number 10021022000957

Voll Sante Muesli
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