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Synbaa Gym/Sports Probiotic
Voll Sante Synbaa Gym & Sports Probiotic, 0.20 lb, Orange
Voll Sante Synbaa Gym & Sports Probiotic, 0.20 lb, Orange
Key Benefits
  • SYNBAA IS SYNERGISTIC BIOTICS: Synbiotics are 'synergistic' combination of probiotics (helpful gut bacteria) and prebiotics.Probiotics are the good bacteria in the gut which help support a healthy gut microbiome. Some positive effects of probiotics include fighting off bad bacteria, improving digestion and regulating bowel movements, supporting the immune system, helping with weight loss, better cognitive health as well as good mood and happiness.
  • WHAT MAKES SYNBAA DISTINCTIVE: Synbaa is not just a probiotic but also has prebiotic added which not only feed probiotics and help them survive in your intestines, they also increase nutrient absorption and support bowel regularity. Synbaa has multispecies (different bacterial species) and multi-strain probiotic which make it a right choice for Gymers, Sportspersons, Athletes & Health conscious people.
  • HOW IS SYNBAA BETTER AS POWDER? Synbaa is not a capsule rather powder which when dissolved in water makes a tangy orange drink. The right delivery mechanism allows it to pass through the harsh highly acidic environment of the stomach to reach the intestines. Many capsules contain freeze-dried bacteria which get soaked up in the stomach acid and die from the acidity as a result. The most effective probiotic is formulated as a powder and activated with water prior to intake.

Health Benefits

Who is it for and how does it help ?

Product Information
MRP Rs. 1199 (inclusive of All taxes)
Net Quantity 90g
Marketed By Voll Sante
Expiry Date 18 Months
Country of Origin India
License Number 10021022000957
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