Voll Pro Cross Bar


  • CROSS BAR WITH SUPER GREENS – Combination of Vegan protein and Super green blend.Thoughtfully crafted using only 100% vegan ingredients.
  • 100% PLANT PROTEIN – No dairy protein, this protein bar is made with 100% plant based protein. Stay fuelled with clean plant-based ingredients.
  • SUPER GREEN BLEND – Not just a common protein bar, this cross bar is a blend of Super Green ingredients like SPIRULINA, WHEATGRASS, MORINGA, SPINACH, AMLA, ALFALFA.
  • NO NASTIES: No artificial flavours, no palm oil, no animal products, NO Sugar, NO Trans Fat.
  • GLUTEN FREE: Completely free from gluten, and NON GMO.
  • LUCIOUS FLAVOUR: The box contains 4 delicious flavoured cross bar- Orange, Strawberry, Coffee & Mint.
  • NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVOUR: All 4 delicious flavours are natural and tasty.
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Voll Pro Cross Bar of Plant Proteins (40%) + Fibers (10%) and Super Green Blend ZERO sugar ZERO Trans Fat, Gluten Free, Non GMO,4 flavours: Orange, Strawberry, Coffee & Mint. 8 x 30gm Bars (Pack of 8)

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