Basics of Protein

Did you know human body is made up of about 20% protein. Protein is the most prevalent substance after water. Your body uses protein to build and repair muscles. It is also crucial for the proper function of tissues and organs as it is present in every cell of the body. As your body doesn’t store protein, it is important to get enough from diet each day.

Protein deficiency may occur when you fail to consume adequate (specified as per age group or special condition) amount of protein rich foods or when the protein you are eating is of low quality. You might not aware of the fact that most prevalent symptoms of protein deficiency include weakness and fatigue. Protein deficiency may even lead to Sarcopenia (gradual loss in skeletal muscle mass).

Are you getting sufficient Protein? Most probably not.

You might get surprised that as per a survey conducted (PRODIGY) in seven major cities in India, 9 out of 10 respondents had a diet deficient in protein. This data shows that the overall level of amount of protein consumption is extremely low in India.

Moreover, as per the survey conducted by NNMB (National Nutrition Monitoring Board), Indian diets derive most of their protein from cereals which is supposed to have low digestibility and quality. So, as per surveys we Indians are compromising on quantity as well as quality of protein.

Debunking protein myths

Did you know that leading cause of protein deficiency in India is lack of awareness and misconceptions people have. Majority of us are unable to understand the importance of protein inclusion in daily regime.

Gone are the days when protein supplements were only considered for athletes, malnourished or sick patients. The fact is every age group require bountiful supply of protein in their diet. As modern world relies on processed foods mostly rich in carbohydrates and fats, makes it even more important to incorporate protein supplements in diet to meet your daily protein needs. So, if you are trying to bolster your protein intake, opt for some dairy based high quality protein supplements. Nowadays these supplements are also available in convenient packaging which are easy to carry and can be consumed anywhere, anytime.

How much Protein you should eat?

For all age groups the ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) has based their protein values for Indians on per kg of standard weight. As per ICMR, for adults 1g/kg body weight/ day protein is required.

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