We are living in a spirited society where trend is driving people towards living a healthy life which is creating awareness about important macro nutrient like proteinConsidering the trend, people are aware as well as ignorant about the pros and cons of these protein products in India. Due to which there is subsequent rise in products providing best of protein. Now protein is available in bars, shakes, powder and also recently protein water drinks have gained a lot of popularity.

Tough challenge for protein water is to compete effectively against protein powder, which is most trusted and popular form of protein among fitness enthusiasts. So protein water drinks brands are now focusing on utilizing concentration like whey, whey protein & whey isolate to their advantage.

 But in India larger consumers of protein belong to fitness enthusiast segment. They look for good quality whey protein & economical. Considering this as an opportunity many companies launch products like protein shake with less amount of protein powderProtein water is the latest form of protein supplement. It is gaining popularity as ready to go protein water &  protein ready to drink.

Top Indian protein supplements brands are now competing as protein water brands like Muscle Blaze, Aquatein would be now facing a tough completion from a Voll Sante’s – Profuze a protein & fiber infused water. Protein provides benefits like muscle development and boosts immunity. Whereas fiber help to support weight loss and maintain a healthy gut. This unique blend of essential macro nutrients gives it a more fitness wise appealing stance 

Contemplating the significance of the taste, for the audience that prefers taste slightly over nutrition – Voll Sante is offering its fitness drink in exotic fruit flavours like lychee, blueberry thus can be popular as flavoured protein water. Apart from the incredible taste Profuze can be termed as healthy protein water as it is not only power packed with 11g of protein but is enriched with goodness of 7.5g fiber. Its other unique value propositions include being sugar & caffeine free. Thus the tagline Profuse – India’s novel fitness drink.

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